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Turkey is one of the 5 most popular countries in the estate sector
The Observer Newspaper which is edited on Sundays in England have chosen 'the most popular' 5 countries all over the world for property purchase.  These 5 countries are Turkey, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Estonia and Bulgaria.
According to the news which is written in the Observer Newspaper; for Turkey, 'Specialists predict an estate explosion by courtesy of EU membership candidacy.'
The most popular areas of Turkey are Istanbul, Antalya and Dalaman according to declaration that was written ın the news.  In the Mediterrenean area around Dalaman, planned infrastructural projects which includes Dalaman Airport widening, building of 3 marina's and golf courses in this area, mase this area very popular for buyers.
On the other hand, Commerzbank, who is one of the biggest banks in Germany thinks that Turkey will increase too much in the estate market.  Bank's participation, Turkish representative of Euruhypo, Cenk Arson specified thet they awarded 650 Million Euro loan to 5 real estate projects in Turkey in a year and because of this, they reached their 3 years aim in only a year.
Therefor he specified they redoubled their aim to 1.2 milliard Euro.
Also, Arson who told that they are long dated investors in Turkey, keynoted that the loan is usally given for 10 years and in this time, in comparison with bygones in Turkey there can be much smaller descent and ascents but these won't change the up trend of Turkey.
He told that they often have meetings with foreign investors and said 'there is somebody who thinks to make 300 - 500 million dollars investment in the real estate sector among these people in Turkey in 1-2 year.
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